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By Sanford C. Goldberg

Sanford C. Goldberg offers a singular account of the speech act of statement. He defends the view that this sort of speech act is answerable to a constitutive norm—the norm of statement. The speculation that statement is answerable to a robustly epistemic norm is uniquely fitted to clarify assertion's philosophical significance—its connections to different philosophically fascinating issues. those comprise issues in epistemology (testimony and testimonial knowledge;
epistemic authority; disagreement), the philosophy of brain (belief; the speculation of psychological content), the philosophy of language (norms of language; the strategy of interpretation; the speculation of linguistic content), ethics (the ethics of trust; what we owe to one another as information-seeking creatures), and
other issues which go beyond any subcategory (anonymity; belief; the department of epistemic exertions; Moorean paradoxicality). Goldberg goals to carry out those connections with no assuming something concerning the unique content material of assertion's norm, past relating to it as robustly epistemic. within the final element of the ebook, although, he proposes that we do most sensible to determine the norm's epistemic normal as set in a context-sensitive type. After motivating this suggestion through attract Grice's Cooperative
Principle and spelling it out by way of what's together believed within the speech context, Goldberg concludes via noting how this type of context-sensitivity will be made to sq. with assertion's philosophical significance.

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